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Since The Start

It all started with being a basic Coordinator in Graphic Design Team of annual Tech fest of MUJ where I got to learn a bit. Started an Instagram handle with the name of ADesignGuy just to showcase few of my Works online. Later on a few Seniors found my work to be pretty good and started asking for design help then moved forth to make TOD Food designs for a friend. Further in 2017 wanted to learn Web Development in full swing, was fortunate enough to get Internship at Lucideus Technologies by the time my Internship got over I was master of Bootstrap, HTML & CSS. Later in 2017 got the chance to Lead an entire Graphic Design team which was a major turning point here in my life.
After managing over 7 Designers few of my batch few being my senior was quite Unique tbh.
Why was BDC turning point? Because Abhinav Mahajan the Fitness Guru saw my works and wanted me to Design his entire YouTube Channel from Banners to Thumbnails to entire Rebranding of his face his channel saw a growth from 2.9 Lakh Subcribers in January 2018 to now(2020) 17 Lakh Subscribers!

There was no looking back from there

One thing I learnt was there are always going to be haters for you achieving everything in a real short span of time and there are always going to be people talking shit about you behind your back.
But the one thing which I feel which is truly core to my heart is that no matter what, I need to keep moving forward Learning new Skills. Leaving everyone behind.
It's truly the best feeling trust me.
Now one setback was that I was lacking behind in my studies. Missed Classes dropping GPAs which I thought wasn't a big deal for me as I was too overconfident but as a result I wasn't allowed to even SIT for most placement drives in my college. Well fuck it.
Now I have started
and hope that it grows as I am

About Me